February 2023


Teddy D. Frederick is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for passion for storytelling through photography, filmmaking filmmaking and art. He hails from the island of Grenada and works with a mixture of traditional painting techniques and photography.

His photos are highly stylized and viewers can decide for themselves can decide for themselves whether they want to interpret them either as a photograph or as a painting. His interest is to explore the power of identity to evoke emotion, create nostalgia and cultivate a sense of create nostalgia and cultivate a sense of connection.

"The idea of "Life after the Ether" came about because of an experience that took me to a very colorful place in my imagination. imagination. After falling into the sea during a business trip fell into the sea in Anguilla during a business trip and passed out for a short moment, I was haunted by the feeling of exploding colors. of exploding colors."