September 2021


In the web of our thoughts we move in yesterday and tomorrow. tomorrow. New stimuli trigger new thoughts before old ones have have been thought through. The flow of thoughts and feelings sweeps us along. We miss the moment.

Imme Zillekens invites you to linger in the present. The global composition in the sansaro art box represents, in contrast a network of presence in contrast to the network of thoughts. of presence. The active perception of a work in its entirety is followed by the discovery of numerous local antagonisms in intensity, intensity, strength of movement and dimensionality. In this way, what is seen remains uncategorized and can be experienced repeatedly
- in the moment.

Art has accompanied Imme Zillekens, born in Aachen in 1992, since her early early youth. During her doctorate, she investigated the neuronal processes of human perception. Since 2016 she has lived in Munich and now works as a management consultant.