April, 2019

YUKARI MIYASHATI | "the colorless moments, the free space"

I love it the way it is.
I love it when something plays in free space.
I love it when something changes and something else emerges.

A lot of things except for the colors are not necessary. Everything that I like to is reduced to the essentials. The naturalness, the subtleties and the free space always play a leading role. The space offers many possibilities and I play with my own style in it. style.

Yukari Miyashita (*1983) studied Japanese painting and ikebana in Kyoto, Japan. in Kyoto, Japan. Her final painting work was awarded an awarded a distinction and at the same time she acquired the license for Ikebana license. She then worked as a kimono designer. Today she lives florist in Munich, combining art and nature in her very personal way. personal way.