June 2021


"Wolfgang Steck's unusual perspective on the world was Wolfgang Steck's godfather gave him his unusual perspective on the world at a young age when he advised him to take photographs from under a park bench. to take photographs under a park bench. All of a sudden, the world seemed changed and its fascination within his grasp.

Immerse yourself in a motif, get close to it, changing the scale, shifting one's own frame of reference, all of this already characterized his early figurative works and paved his way into abstraction. ..." (Brigitte Seidel).

The familiar, often inconspicuous - a drop of ink, for example - is transformed through light and color, extraordinary perspective or digital processing to the point of complete abstraction.

Wolfgang Steck (*1964) has lived in Hohenschäftlarn near Munich since 1997. Munich. He is the spokesman for the Schäftlarn artists' association and organizer of the Schäftlarn studio days.