May 2022


Sebastian Fink, a self-taught photographer, is showing black and white photographs from his "Leaves" series. He is inspired by the thoughts of the American photographer Paul Caponigro about the medium of photography: "I wanted to find a way to understand to understand why I respond to forces that are there, although not really visible to the eye."

He is concerned to show what lies "behind" the actual object. lies. "Can you get beyond the external appearance of the things you with your camera without, however, concealing its essential identity? disguise its essential identity?" (Paul Caponigro).

In the end, the photographs symbolize a fragment of the subconscious - one could say the soul of the photographer. one could say, the soul of the photographer. The photographs are each finely processed in the digital darkroom darkroom and printed on Hahnemühle FineArt paper by the photographer himself. by the photographer himself.