November, 2020

Maeva Nina | MaevaArtScience

Leaves in a layer of ice, shimmering snowflakes, northern lights reflecting fall and winter; light and the transformation into flowers: Spring and summer. Swiss stone pine, Siberian yellow pine, Pinus cembra from the Bavarian Alps, circled by fireflies. Stars show the the way.

Technology: cellulose, plant, iridescence, light, wax, pinus c., glass, copper, electronics, analog | digital input Maeva Nina |MaevaArtScience| studied architectural design, computer science and interface cultures at the universities of Munich, Lugano, Linz and Stockholm, Lugano, Linz and Stockholm.

With concepts for the Amsterdam Light Festival and the Amsterdam Light Festival and the Winter Light Festival in Iceland - "Camouflage Cloud Calligraphy /w VinylBrush" for the Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik - she gained her first experience with interactive installations in public space.